Open up your world of communication
through Dunstan Baby Language!
Do you want to discover what your newborn baby is really saying to you? Whether you are approaching the birth of your baby or have already welcomed him or her into your life, I offer you a unique opportunity to learn the language of your newborn through this successful system.
Why Dunstan Baby Language?  It teaches parents the meaning of their baby's cries. Learn the 5 universal words spoken by newborns in the pre-cry stage, what to look for when your baby is "talking" to you and how to apply various settling techniques to meet baby's immediate needs.
The benefit of Dunstan Baby Language is....your baby will cry less and settle faster, you will experience an increase in satisfaction, self esteem and a corresponding belief in your abilities to care for your baby, being able to listen and respond to your baby's needs will deepen the bond with your child and ease some of the pressure & stress felt by parents.